Monday, 1 November 2010


What is your favourite colour?
The results show that the most popular favoutite colours were red
and green, this may help me with my magazine as people may
be more attracted to these colours.

Are you male or female?
Male - 4
Female - 16

Who is your favourite indie band or singer?

The results shows that the most popular indie artists
were The Killers, Kings of Leon and Ellie Goulding. This
may help me with my magazine as I could included these
artists as my cover stories or ion my contents page.

 What 3 words do you associate with indie?

These words could help me in producing my
 music magazine as it may help me come up
 with a good title that will suit my genre of magazine.

What colours do you associate with indie?

These results show that the colours people thought were most
associated with indie were red, blue and brown. This could help me
with my magazine as I could use these for the colour scheme of my
magazine considering I am producing an indie music magazine.

How often do you buy a music magazine?

The most popular answer for this question was monthly
so for my magazine I may choose to do a montly issue.

What do you like/dislike about the music magazines you currently read?

This shows that the most popular thing that people
liked in a magazine was the new music introduced
so I may include articles about new bands in my
contents page.

Do you have a favourite music magazine?

As most people's favourite magazine was NME, I could
choose to base my layout on NME magazine.

How do buy your music?

Do you go to gig's/concerts?

Yes - 16
No -  4

I could include articles about music events and concerts in
my magazine as it may appeal to people who buy music

What entices you to buy a music magazine?

These results show that the front cover is the thing that
entices people to buy a magazine the most is the front cover
so I will have to make my front cover very eyecatching.

Do you have a particular favourite part in a music magazine?

This shows that people's favourite part of a magazine
were the inteviews so I may include lots of interviews in
my magazine.


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