Monday, 11 October 2010


In what ways does your medea product use, develop or challenge forms of codes and conventions of real media products?

The front cover of my school magazine uses forms of the codes and conventions of real media products as I have used a main image which takes up the whole page, I have used a big title, I have used a barcode and a price and I have also included the date ane issue number. In my main main image, I have used direct address and my main main article is the largest coverline. My title is in the top left corner and is in one font however I have not used a unique font. I have also used a small number of colours which were purple and black. The front cover of my school magazine challenged the forms of codes and conventions as I didnt include puff's, buzzwords or coverlines. I also didnt include any sublines.
My contents page uses forms of the codes and conventions of real media products as the word contents was at the top of the page however the name of my magazine was at the bottom and i also didnt include the issue date in my contents page. I organised the contents into categories and put the page numbers by the articles. I included a picture of the front cover of my magazine at the bottom of the contents and stuck to the same simple colour scheme of purple and black. I also included pictures of the articles and put the page number of that article so it anchors them to the written contents. My contents page challenged the forms of codes and conventions as I didnt arrange the contents in columns, there wasn't one main image referring to the main article. I didnt include any subscription or contact information, or an editors letter. I didnt give the reader specific detail on what the articles are about. The photographs I used were not interested and varied.

How did you use new media technologies in the construction of your media product?

In the construction of my school magazine, I used Adobe Photoshop to create my magazine which I have used before however I used Quark Express to create my contents page which I have never used before.

What are the stengths and weaknesses of both the product and your use of new media technologies?

On my front cover, I used a medium close-up of a student which looked effective, my title also looked good on my front cover and I also think my colour scheme looked good. However i didnt include any other images other than the main image on the front cover so it looked quite plain. In my contents page, I think the fact that the word 'contents' was in the same font and colour as the magazine title looked effective, and I also liked that I put an image of the front cover at the bottom of the contents page. I dont think the contents page looked professional as i didnt include a big image of the main feature article, I just put lots of small images of other articles. I think I am confident using Adobe Photoshop as I have been using it for 3-4 years, however I dont think I used Quark Express confidently or effectively as I have never used it before.

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