Friday, 15 October 2010


Simple colour scheme - colours kept to a minimum.
One large picture which takes up a whole page and sometimes bleeds between pages (link the 2 pages together)
Sometimes the picture is across the whole dps with all text on the picture.
Quotes are used in the headline on the picture or in the standfirst or to break up the text.
Standfirst introduces the article, under the headline - often includes the journalists name.
Drop capital used at the start of the article, to show the reader here to start.
Other techniques include, bold texts, slightly bigger typesize, capitals for the first few words.
Headline sometimes used styleised fonts
Headlines are used to draw the reader in but doesnt tell them what the article is about - thats done by the standfirst.
Byline - who wrote the article and often photographs credit.
Arranged in columns 2-4 (3)
Strapline at the top - what the article is about.
The article is usually written informally and the personality of the journalist.

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